Eco design

Eco design is associated with a specific approach to product design, taking into account the impact they have on the environment throughout the entire life cycle. Nowadays, more and more often we can find organic products, e.g. in food, clothing or cosmetics. We also decided to join a wide group of people who care about the environment. Home and garden are places where we like to spend time. Each of us would like to have a beautifully decorated terrace, garden and at the same time enjoy the functionality of products, aesthetics and something more … taking care of our common good. When buying everyday and decorative products, remember that we can do more than just enjoy the purchase.

Diverting waste
Restoring function
Creating innovation

Products range


Eco-friendly planter is made of recycled material. Includes a water reservoir to ensure plants stay properly hydrated. Unbreakable, durable for all seasons

Stepping stones

Decorative garden accent. Durable and easy to maintain. Available  in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit any decor. 
Use in gardens to decor or create a pathway.

Deck Tiles

Renew and resurface any outdoor living space: balcony, deck and patio. Quick-click connection system makes it easy to install and keeps tiles secured together. Designed with drainage channels to ensure water and debris quickly flows off the top surface. Environmentally friendly – made from recycled materials.

Doormats & Boot Trays

Excellent for scraping dirt and debris off footwear. Ideal for indoor & outdoor use in sheltered areas – mudroom, garage, entryway.


Flexible and will easily conform to curves, install in minutes. Durable and long-lasting recycled rubber compossitin. Ideal for flower beds, gardens, pathways, driveway borders and more.